Here are a few of our FAQ's that may help you. Please, if you have a question, don't hesitate to call the office.

Can I leave items in a dresser or chest of drawers?

Yes, however, please only leave some clothes in the drawers.  Believe it or now we has experienced a customer putting weights for working out in the drawers.  Clothing does not add a ton of weight and our Professional Movers will make sure to shrink wrap your drawers so they do not open during transit.

Can I help load/unload the truck?

Sorry, we can not have customers on our trucks per our insurance.  You can assist by prepping and staging the items before we arrive and disassemble beds and appliances.  Our crews only have 1 speed and it is FAST!  You hired us to eliminate having to do it on your own, let us take care of it!